I am 22 and female and I want to talk about our temptation for sex!

I am 22 and female and I want to talk about our temptation for sex!

Worst case scenario is that I’ll find an escort just to satisfy this desire

Thank you for being real. I know this isn’t really encouraging (because it never feels like it for me and if I’m honest I sometimes feel like it doesn’t help), but I’m praying for your pain and hopelessness with the same breath that I pray for my own, because a small part of me does not want to believe that God has abandoned us in this.

I did not put my email down. My email is This is not my personal email so don’t feel weird. I would love to share how we feel, i think it is a blessing to see how many people are struggling to find the way and are not blind to their sin. I would love to share about what helps us and what doesnt with anyone!

Hi, I am in my 30’s. Been a Christian since teenage years. Still holding on for my purity as of now. Anyone here who can give me their experience on having sex before marriage? Please help. I have a gf and curious if she is struggling as well. We are very silent on this matter. Need friends to discuss this matters.

Hi James, I accept your invitation! I was not able to respond to your email, it said your email address did not exist. But I guess we can talk here or try another email?Continue Reading