The Science from Economic Freedom Podcast Event 58

The Science from Economic Freedom Podcast Event 58

I desired to begin of the talking about specific 2021 topics you to we are going to feel tape towards the Science off Financial Freedom podcast


Toward change in administrations, 2021 intends to provide the fresh challenges and you may opportunities to new property believed arena. Just how can group, especially those led by ladies, would their money effectively into the future amidst unanticipated changes?

Susan Travis, an excellent Mercer Advisers Visitors Advisor and you may Local Director, matches servers Doug Fabian to go over both the known and you may unknown change to help you wide range management inside 2021 and beyond.

  • The results out of federal COVID save shelling out for taxation legislation
  • The specific exigencies property believed metropolitan areas towards lady
  • Precisely what the Secure Operate out of 2019 means for group managing their wealth
  • Alter so you’re able to non-partner inherited IRA schedules
  • How 529 agreements and HSAs are going to be leveraged to alter the income tax state

Presenter: Today, on the Science of Economic Freedom podcast, we talk about wealth and tax strategies under the new administration, with Sr. Wealth Advisor Susan Travis.

Narrator: The Science of Economic Freedom is intended as an investor education resource. Views and opinions expressed on this program should not be construed as a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any specific security. Consult your investment advisor and read any investment prospectus carefully before making any changes to your investment portfolio.Continue Reading