A furry partner who’s not looking any sexual stuff

A furry partner who’s not looking any sexual stuff

Burnt Fur n. (Right identity) adj. step one. A defunct course whoever said objective was to “cleaning” the fandom by removing those individuals they perceived is sexual deviants and you may “perverts”. 2. A joint venture partner who has a reputation to be way too much have a preference.

Person who definitely opposes sexual content

scam letter. Brief having “convention”: a proper and planned conference from Furries seem to stored at lodging catering towards seminar team.

fan-picture n. Visual created from inside furry fandom. (Note: As opposed to most fandoms, hairy fandom largely provides its own graphic from inside the brand new fandom alone.)

Cold Furs letter. (Best label) A tolerance path in fandom whose intent would be to stop the latest Burned Furs (q.v.) Note: to begin with labeled as “Suspended Furs”, but was required to replace the name, since there had been several other category playing with that title.

fur letter. 1. Individual who has made an official affiliation that have Hairy fandom.Continue Reading